Practical Reasons Why You might Want To Go Solar

Solar energy is “gold” that is free and easy to find. Just as the name implies, it is generated from the sun’s light and heat and can power almost anything. Solar energy is inexhaustible. As long as there is life on the surface of the earth, the sun will still shine. This form of energy is renewable and independent of human activities. No matter how little the sun, energy will be produced.

Practical Reasons Why You might Want To Go Solar
Image credit: Unsplash (Science in HD).

Reasons To Switch To Solar Energy

The list is long and inexhaustible, self-proving, and in fact, very practical and relatable. The reasons include the following :

Guard Your Health

The World Health Organization classified small particles of fossil fuel (Natural fuel such as coal, crude oil, and gas formed by the remains of living organisms) as Group 1 carcinogen. This implies that there is concrete evidence that it is liable to cause at least nine different types of cancers. They include lung, skin, breast, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, oesophagus, larynx, prostate, and multiple myeloma in humans.

All these cancers have a strong and suspected link to fossil fuels used to generate electricity, petroleum, and cooking gas. With the aid of Simple Solar Living, there will be up to a 30% reduction in cancer rates which simply means longer life and better health for you and your family.

Prevent Fire Accidents

It is no news that tanker explosions are a menace to society. The use of electricity, gas, and petroleum highly exposes us to fire-related accidents that could cause the loss of lives and properties. This occurs a lot on significant roads, causing many casualties and property loss, cooking gas leakage, electricity spark more often than not ends in an inferno rendering a lot of people homeless and displaced.

Save The Ecosystem

Our environment, the ecosystem, depends on us just as much as we rely on it. The quality of the soil, water, and air depreciate and become harmful due to the toxins released into it to generate power. Greenhouse gasses are emitted, which depletes the ozone layer, thereby causing harmful climate changes to the atmosphere. The mining of crude oil renders the soil infertile. It contaminates water bodies, which eventually makes it difficult to grow food and trees, leading to famine and deforestation. It also makes water inhabitable, causing sea creatures to perish.

Practical Reasons Why You might Want To Go Solar
Image credit: Unsplash (Nuno Marques).

The Earth Needs Water

The use of water is one of the ways of generating electricity. Hydropower and nuclear energy are highly dependent on water use because it is a clean and renewable source of energy. As pleasant as this sounds, it drastically reduces water quality and obstructs the migration of sea animals.

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Furthermore, a dam should be created to control water flow to aid electricity production. With dams, displacement is certain. Statistics have shown that over 500 million people have been displaced due to the reservoirs that form and erupt behind dams. This ends up causing the emission of greenhouse gasses when crops and green life are engulfed in water by secreting methane gas that ends up polluting the water itself.

The earth is gradually running short of clean, fresh water, leading to a water recycling campaign. Suppose the world continues to use water to generate electricity against its primary use. In that case, we will be out of freshwater in no time, and humanity will begin to go extinct as water is one of the essential things we need to stay alive. So, electricity or life? The choice is ours but then who enjoys the electricity when we all perish in a bid to generate it?

Save Your Money

The amount we spend on electricity, cooking gas, and fuel is outrageously ridiculous. Why spend so much when you have the solar energy at your “disposal” to cater to these needs? With solar energy, you get to power all your appliances at a very little cost. Solar energy is low maintenance. You do not have to constantly service a panel, change wires, fix a plug or even pay bills. Life is pretty easy when we make the most out of it.

You Are In Control

You decide when the light comes, and when it goes, power holding companies got nothing on you as you are independent of their power supply. With just two hours of sunlight, you get to have ample solar energy stored, thereby being undisturbed by a blackout or insufficient power supply to carry out daily activities. You get to work and your own time and speed without the need to rush and go out of your comfort zone.

The time has come. It has rested a responsibility on our shoulders. The list above is just a brief mention of the numerous benefits solar energy can provide humanity. The world belongs to us, just as we belong to it. Be proactive, save yourself, save the world. Going solar is a great way to achieve this.

Featured image: Unsplash (Mariana Proenca).