PROSTHESIS Tetrapod Exo-Skeleton

You guys remember the imposing, beast-like exo-bionic mech PROSTHESIS from 2018? Well, as it turns out, it got recognized by Guinness World Records as the Largest Tetrapod Exo-skeleton in the same year.

“Tetrapod Exo-skeleton” in Guinness’ books is described as “manned vehicle that movies on four external mechanical limbs or legs.” We almost forgot about this menacing machine and now that we think of it, it definitely good enough to give Mantis a run of its money. Watch out Mantis!

PROSTHESIS Tetrapod Exo-Skeleton

It took its creator Canadian Jonathan Tippett and his team 10 years to developed and 3 years of testing to get to what it was today. PROSTHESIS exists because, Jonathan have a dream of making mech racing a reality. And why the hell not? We already have robot wars, manned robot racing shouldn’t be too farfetched, right?

At the heart of the PROSTHESIS is a pair AC motors, fed by a 96V 36 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which drives two hydraulic pumps that pushes fluid through to the hydraulic cylinders to move the limbs as well as the tusks-like contraption. John said each cylinders can put as much as 12,000 pounds of force which pretty insane (read: destructive).

PROSTHESIS Tetrapod Exo-Skeleton

All told this monster machine measures 5.1 meters (16 ft 8 inches) long, 5.51 meters (18 ft 1-inch) wide and towers at 3.96 meters (12 ft 11 inches) tall, and tips the scales at 1,600 kilograms (3,527 lbs). No words on how fast it could go though. However, from the looks of it, it is only slightly faster than the 4-legged mechanical bug.

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As a boon, it looks like PROSTHESIS will come in handy at junkyards and also, Mad Max could take some hints of how apocalyptic future should really look like. It should be populated by mechanical beasts, maybe?

Images: Guinness World Records.