you maybe toting the latest smart communication gadget in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little old school, tactile gaming to keep yourself entertained during those long, arduous commute or perhaps, if you dare, in one of those monotonous meetings where you are one of those unwilling attendees. the PureGear Retro Game Case for Samsung GALAXY S4 you see here will let you do just that. the PureGear Retro Game Case for Samsung GALAXY S4 is America’s answer to Japanese firm Elecom’s Playgame Cases. the concept behind it is pretty much the same: make a protective case and fuse a retro puzzle game to its back, and you will have hours of fun without draining a drop of juice from you power-hungry gadget.

three versions are being offered: a concentric maze named Groovy, a labyrinth-style maze called Amazing, and Undecided, a game that brings together pinball and the Magic 8 Ball for times where you rather leave it to fate (or was it chance?) to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. the latter also makes a perfect party game like whether to drink or not to drink, or any other lame but fun games you can conjure up while in your drunken stupor. just say… along with the no battery required retro game are loud, playful hues that further enhances its retro statement. the PureGear Retro Game Case for Samsung GALAXY S4 can be yours for $29.99 each. also available for iPhone 5, if that’s what matters to you.

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