stop lamenting about why Harley-Davidson doesn’t have an off-roader. it is just… not meant to be. however, if you have a Harley David 883 or 1200 sportster born between 1993 and 2003 laying around, then we have good news for you. now, you can officially shake off the “social stigma” of a non-badass cruising around like a poser (hopefully not) by letting the folks at the Carducci Dual Sport turn that old sportsters of yours into a badass off-road two-wheelers, affectionately dubbed as the Carducci SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle. so why dual sport? because, this born again Carducci-Harley can now comfortably tackle both on and off-road terrains, extending your fun with a Harley, though it don’t quite look like one anymore. hard to imagine what purists would think, but anyway, who cares as long it pleases your eyes and satisfy your need for the beaten trails?

the stock Sportster drivetrain, throttle, instrument cluster, and the associated harnesses are now join by a modified Sportster frame, Ohlins suspensions with extended billet aluminum swingarm at the rear, off-road capable wheels and tires combo, a 55W halogen beam, vibration-tolerant LED taillight assembly, fly screen frame with tinted polycarbonate wind deflector, skid plate, steel welded crash bar, hand-formed aluminum 6.3 gallon gas tank for over 200 miles of range, and among the many other “tweaks” to make this an off-road happy motorcycle. the Carducci SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle is only available as a built-to-order ride (obviously). no indicative price for this conversion is available, but before you really touch base with the Sunnyvale dudes for the numbers, you might want to know that they only do six complete custom conversions each year and also, it is the best that you are residing in the US, else we suspect you might have to dig deeper into your pocket to enjoy your first off-road Harley cos’ the freight is definitely going to be on you. but hey, it is a happy problem, right? at least the Carducci folks are cool with foreign orders.

Carducci via Muted via gBlog

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