Razer Android TV-powered Micro-Console

after having your gaming and fitness tracking needs covered, San Francisco-based gaming device maker Razer wants to have your living room entertainment covered too with the Razer Micro-console. announced at the Google I/O 2014, micro-console is an Android TV-powered set-top box that will function pretty much like the many standalone media players you may have come to know. it will let you stream movies and music, and runs a variety of apps, including gaming and social apps, on your large-screen TV. though a media center of sort, Razer is careful not to stray from its root, saying that micro-console will have “emphasis on gaming”. so i am guessing that the micro-console will be more like an Android gaming console that will have synergy with the rest of the company’s products, specifically gaming peripherals.

like most recent media center or console, it will let you navigate the console with a dedicated app running on any Android smartphone or tablet. Razer will harness its extensive knowledge on designing gaming systems and various peripherals, as well as its experience in creating gaming-related software for the development of the micro-console. unfortunately, the project is in its infancy, which means information is next to scant, but Razer has promise an official launch this Fall. price is, of course, unknown at this point. though Razer’s co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan has hinted it would be “an affordable system”.