Yesterday, Razer made an announcement that will make Ouya console users very sad. The gaming lifestyle company brought what thought to be the future of video game console in 2015 and had it running since. But not anymore as the company puts out official words that it will be shutting the Ouya store, effectively killing the console for good.

When Razer bought Ouya, it did not picked it up with the hardware assets, though. After the acquisition, Razer merged Ouya content library into Razer’s Forge TV ecosystem. Now that Razer has decided to wind up Forge TV, Ouya is going down with it, so is MadCatz MOJO. The effective date of termination is June 25, 2019.

OUYA Android Game Console

From now until then, Ouya users will still be able to play and find new games on Forge TV, but after the said date user accounts will be deactivated and all associated services relating to the platform will be killed for good. So, yeah, it is effectively end game for this once overwhelmingly funded Kickstarter campaign that rolled in over $8.5 million in funding from more than 60,000 backers.

The lesson learned here? Venture into video game console is best left to companies with established branding and financial muscle to flex, and you know who those companies are, don’t you? Anyways… Ouya is not completely dead. after the drop dead date, users will still be able to play games that they have downloaded to the console. Anything that requires checking in online will be no more. So, owning an Ouya will be kind of like having a N64 after June 25.

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