this isn't exactly a new news but the highlight is, this unique vehicle is up for grab on...

Dobbertin HydroCar - front angled view 544px
(image credit: Rick Dobbertin) Dobbertin HydroCar | US$777,000.00 |

this isn’t exactly a new news but the highlight is, this unique vehicle is up for grab on eBay. this amphibious vehicle, dubbed the HydroCar, is designed and built by Rick Dobbertin and is capable of transforming from a road-going vehicle (though it still looks like a boat) to a tunnel-hulled watercraft within a few minutes.
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what you see here is a work of art and engineering which took Rick nine years and 18,800 hours to complete. powering the HydroCar is 572 cubic inches or 9,373 cc Chevrolet motor, pushing out a awesome 762 horses (@ 5,800 rpm) and 712 pounds or 965 Nm of metal twisting torque.

though this is a fully functional vehicle, however it has not been fully tested and therefore, it is more of a collector’s car. if you are out sourcing for a daily driver that turns head, then you will be disappointed. this is obviously not your everyday car or boat. in anyway, if you have spare cash of $777,000, then head on to eBay and check out Rick’s posting. it has tons of details for any interested party to get acquainted with the HydroCar.

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