One of life’s hassle is, not surprisingly, changing batteries or recharging, in the case of rechargeable batteries. Bicycle light is no exception and that’s is precisely why there is the friction-based dynamo and solar powered bike lights. There is really nothing wrong with either, but the Reelight NOVA is a more high-tech option that does away with batteries and requires no friction or solar to power it. It is powered by Eddy currents, AKA Foucault currents, that is basically localized electric current induced in a conductor through a varying magnetic field.

Reelight NOVA Bicycle Light

It is because of Eddy currents, there is a slight caveat: it can only be use with aluminum wheels. Anywho, through Eddy currents, electricity required to power the 60 lumens light is generated without friction and there is, obviously, no battery involved. A contact-less dynamo is required for each light and you will need the mounting hardware too. The Dynamo has this thing called ReePower that enables constant light while riding, and it also affords flashing light for two minutes when the bicycle comes to a stop.

The setup isn’t as affordable as regular bike lights. A Dynamo with ReePower and a front or rear light will set you back at 44-47 euro (about US$51-55) depending on the desire mounting location. However, assuming that it lasts, in long run you could saving quite a bit of money on batteries, or at least, save yourself the hassle of charging, and you also be saving the environment by not buying disposable batteries, or drawing electricity from the wall outlet. I’d say that’s a win.

Reelight NOVA Bicycle Light

All images courtesy of Reelight.

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