You heard of the infamous mile high club, but I bet you never heard of a less decadent but equally exciting “One-Mile Club.” Unlike mile high club, this “One-Mile Club” is nothing sensual or sexual, well, that’s unless shooting firearms gives the same high as an orgasm. One thing for sure, it certainly don’t happen up in the sky; it happens at the range. A shooting range to be precise. Located at the Rocky Mountain region of Wyoming, U.S.A. is the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience that offers an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot at targets that are over a mile away.

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Not many people in the world, except for active professional soldiers (specifically, snipers), can claim that they have downed a target over a mile (1.6 kilometers) away. This is where Jackson Hole Shooting Experience has to offer: a chance to join the elite one-mile club in a shooting program called Mile-Long Shot Adventure, which the company estimated that “far fewer than 5,000 people in the history of the world have ever been able to successfully hit a target at a mile-long distance.”

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Do not mistake this as a regular range, though. This is a comprehensive recreational shooting program designed to get up to speed so you have a better chance in knocking the target. It is an all-day experience that features a custom built sheltered shooting platform, a hospitality area with an on-site chef preparing meals and snacks, a safari camp-style restroom, and a pair of professional long-range shooting instructors who will guide you along in your once-in-a-lifetime shoot. Here’s what going to happen if you sign up for the experience:

“The Mile-Long experience begins with smaller-caliber rifles and shorter-range targets. Following a gourmet lunch prepared on-site by a professional chef, the experience culminates with the Mile-Long shot attempts. A 6.5 Creedmoor rifle is used to shoot at a 32 x 32-inch target at 1,775 yards, then a 24 x 48-inch target at 1,790 yards — both over one mile.”

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience
It is not just shooting. There’s food too.

During the shoot, you will also pick up knowledge on how wind, spin drift, temperature, humidity and even the Earth’s rotation known as Coriolis Effect will affect a projectile’s flight. The onsite instructors will guide you along in the process, taking into account into the various parameters to ensure a higher chance of hitting the target. Upon successful hits, you will be presented with a “Proof of Hit” (presumably, a certificate of sort) to commemorate your accomplishment, as well as the option to be publicly listed in the registry of successful marksmen.

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Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

If long-range shooting isn’t your cuppa, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience has other shooting programs, including a Multi-Gun Experience where you will be given the opportunity to shoot from a selection of over 60 firearms in a 3-hour time frame. You can learn more about Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s Mile-Long Shot Adventure and other shooting programs at their website.

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Images courtesy of Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.

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