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Replay Arcade
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we just couldn’t get enough of the slot coin-operated, old school arcade machines, don’t we? never mind the fact that the resolution was on the extreme opposite end of today’s hi-definition graphics (read: pixelated) – it is the game play that had once captured our adolescent imaginations. decades on and we still fondly remember those coin-slotting hours that we had spent on those machines, braving the nagging by parents and sacrificing the pocket money we had for lunch. sounds like you? then you might be interested in this modern day iteration by one Tom Goodfellow, aptly dubbed as the Replay Arcade. beneath the Replay Arcade’s modernized arcade cabinet is a JAMMA circuit board with 60 classic games to its name. though you can choose to stuff a MAME-running PC within the cabinet too. also standard on this machine is a retro style analog joystick, the good’ol pound-me-lots buttons and the familiar one- and two-player buttons (son. that’s not a restroom sign). the machine also sport a working coin slot complete with coin box and can be set to accept coins for game credits or set as a free-to-play machine. the Replay Cabinet can be yours for, well, an amount that you will find out if you contact Tom via his blog. click through the thumbnails for larger views.

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