Keylet – Key and Wallet System

Keylet - Key and Wallet System
Keylet – Key and Wallet System | from US$55.00

things that people are willing to do to overcome life’s clutter, even when we are out and about, are amazing and designer Anthony Hoang and engineer Nhu Truong takes the concept of personal clutter-reduction to the extreme by integrating two of your most essential keys into a sleek credit card-sized brushed stainless steel money clip. dubbed the Keylet, this minimalist contraption holds two pivoting keys, sandwiched and hidden away between a brushed stainless steel top plate with money clip and a stainless steel back plate with aircraft aluminum core. the functionality of the Keylet is, how should we say? no brainer? all you have to do is slip in some bills and/or cards, and you are all set to travel light. of course, that’s assuming that the two keys are cut and ready, and they are for accessing to your apartment or anywhere that you actually will be using. however, if you have keys to carry, then grab yourself a companion Key Caddy that holds up to four more keys. so time to rid yourself of the bulging back pocket and jingling keys and live life to the minimal. hmm. that doesn’t sounds quite right, does it? anyway, the Keylet can be yours for $55 a pop and for $85, you will score yourself a Keylet plus the matching Key Caddy. check out a pledge video after the break.

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