Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove

Mizuno Pro Limited Edition GMP100 Pitcher Glove
Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove | US$500.00 | www.mizunousa.com

regardless of where your interest lies, one thing that never fails to draw anyone or everyone’s attention is the term ‘limited edition’. speaking of which, if you are fervent baseball fan, we are pretty sure this Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove will have your fancy. developed with Speed Drive Technology, these gloves is said to have a perfectly balanced position for the fastest reaction and best response possible. the gloves feature a Deguchi Tanned Kip Leather exterior that is stronger than its predecessors and Shika deerskin palm liner for the extra soft feel. however, those are just the usability part of the equation. Mizuno is throwing the whole nine yards along with the purchase of these gloves which include an offseason conditioning program through the duration of its service with maintenance options such as re-lacing, oil application, as well as the replacement of the felt and web. all these, including the glove of course, for just $500 a pop. take a closer at each individual model after the break.

Mizuno via Gear Patrol

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