review: Simplism silicon iphone 4 case

a design-in-Japan iPhone 4 case. this is a silicon case which has anti-dust coating, which is necessary because typical silicon cases tend to be a dust magnet. the package comes with the silicon case, screen protector (with leveler), microfiber cleaning cloth and a dock cover. the dock cover lets you cover the dock of your iPhone to keep out the dust – a rather nice touch. there’s a little loop with the dock cover which allows user to loop through a twin hole at the back of the silicon case. in this way, you wouldn’t loose your tiny dock cover. how thoughtful 🙂
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quality is good but it’s not the kind of snug fit you expect of a silicon cover/case. when fitted, the phone still has a tiny bit of space. just a little, which i think shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. you can feel it (the space) when u press lightly on the sides of the phone fitted with the silicon case. despite this, the phone doesn’t move around when in the case. there are cut-outs for the control buttons but not for the volume rocker and the power button, which are in the form of raised silicon buttons indicating their presence. even without the cut-out for those 2 sets of buttons, their usability isn’t compromised in anyway. the simplism silicon case is available in 5 colors.

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(photo source: visit simplism

Simplism Silicon iPhone case 544px
it's a simple case but a little too 'roomy' for iPhone 4. usual for a silicon case.
Simplism Silicon iPhone case - back 544px
the dock cover is looped around the provided holes on the back of the case.
Simplism Silicon iPhone case - dock protector 544px
close up of the dock protector.

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