If you are into luggage (or suitcases, if you will), then I am very sure you know Rimowa. The more-than-a-century old Germany suitcase maker is highly recognized for its trademark aluminum groove suitcases. So what about Rimowa? Well, apparently, the good folks over at now LVMH-owned, Cologne-based Rimowa decided to dish out some pretty awesome looking iPhone cases based on its, you guessed it, aluminum groove design. And yes, we talking about putting the iconic aluminum groove design on an iPhone case. How cool is that?

Rimowa Aluminum Groove Case for iPhone

I am not going to lie. I think it is freaking cool! Even more awesome is, the case is made from actual aluminum, save for the sides which are of TPU to promote grip and comfort, while saving your phone from knocks and bumps. It will be even more dope if it is all-round aluminum, though. Just saying… No words if it sports inner lining, but I am guessing it should have or else it will do more harm than good with the device in it.

Rimowa Aluminum Groove Case for iPhone

I have always liked Rimowa, but I never acquire it because the prices are really prohibitive. Like, very, very, very prohibitive. Seriously, I am not about to spend a grand for something which will be tossed around by baggage handlers anyways. But at $100 a pop, the Rimowa Aluminum Groove Case for iPhone may just be a luxury I can actually afford, well, that’s if I own an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR which they are designed for.

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Unfortunately, I have none of the above. So, I guess a beauty like this is out for me. Then again, I wouldn’t be able to buy it even if I met those prerequisites, i.e. own one of the new iPhones and have the money, because, last checked, all three models and the two colorways (silver and lilac) they were offered in, were sold out. Awww. What a shame…

Fun fact: Rimowa didn’t always make suitcases out of aluminum exclusively. It was a fire in the 30s that wiped out most of their materials except for aluminum. After the unfortunate fire, Rimowa started to make metal cases.

Images: Rimowa.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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