ROADIE – Coffee Table Trunk by Karpenter

ROADIE - Coffee Table Trunk by Karpenter
(photos: Karpenter) ROADIE – Coffee Table Trunk by Karpenter | US$430.00 |

there is something alluring about rustic furniture, don’t you think so? to us, it has an unexplainable aural that draws us to it – one that makes them so irresistible that we would want own it even if it means going on a dreadful diet for an unspecific period of time or scrimp and save just to be able to afford them. the ROADIE – Coffee Table Trunk by Karpenter happens to be one of those beautifully crafted rustic style furniture that we spoke of. instead of your usual leather clad black trunk, this coffee table has recycled teak wood matched to the usual hardware you would find in any typical trunk and completing this stylish package is four wheel castors in contrasting orange hue. we already can imagine this coffee table would go very well with a cement screed flooring. lucky for folks like us, owning one of such exquisite is not an impossibility and to add to that, the ROADIE – Coffee Table Trunk by Karpenter is now on sale at $385 a piece via The Fancy and this special price is good for another six days. if you want one you better act fast as six days isn’t forever. we all know that, don’t we?

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