COVID-19 may have pull a brake on automobile production for Rolls-Royce and all other automakers, but another of Rolls-Royce’s production with around 250,000-strong workforce is literally on the buzz. And it is not medical devices that these hardworking “employees” are turning out; it is honey.

So, yeah. Rolls-Royce actually produces honey too, which makes it a literal Rolls-Royce of Honey. Rolls-Royce has a Bee Apiary at the Home of Rolls-Royce over at Goodwood, West Sussex.

Rolls-Royce Bee Apiary Record Production

The humble, but no less distinguished apiary has only just six hives that are homes to some 250,000 English Honey Bees. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars reported that its apiary is set to exceed its 2020 volume targets.

Established in 2017, the six beehives at the Goodwood Apiary are English-crafted, traditional wooden beehives, each with a polished stainless steel nameplate handcrafted in the company’s Bespoke Workshop.

Rolls-Royce Bee Apiary Record Production

And yes, each hive has its own name, with 5 are named after Rolls-Royce models, namely Phantom, Wraith, Ghost, Dawn and Cullinan, while the 6th is named “Spirit of Ecstasy” – the marque’s mascot.

Not only these “employees” are more in number over their automobile counterparts, they also work in an expansive “factory” – 42 acres of estate with 500,000 trees, shrubs and wildflowers, and 8 acres of sedum plants that grow on the manufacturing plant’s ‘living roof’.

Rolls-Royce Bee Apiary Record Production

Sometimes, more hardworking and adventurous bees will make their way to the surrounding Goodwood Estate that has further floral specimens to offer.

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At the end of each season, the raw honey is hand-processed by local specialists and the final Rolls-Royce of Honey is served to guests of the luxury automaker.

All images courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

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