we often view upright vacuum cleaner as a design of the bygone era. these days, we have more furniture around the house which makes hose-type or robot vacuum cleaner a logical choice, but Samsung’s new VU7000 Motion Sync Upright Vacuum wants to break that notion by offering a two-in-one upright. it is an upright that you may have accustomed with, but features a handheld vacuum that can break away from the VU7000 to deal with the ‘last mile’ in a vacuum cleaning job, sucking in dust and dirt from those hard to reach corners. the handheld comes fitted with its own motor and dust cup so you can reach out to ceiling corners to get to those free-lodging cobwebs or combing under low-lying furniture, which are pretty difficult tasks with traditional hose-type vacuums.

additionally, the VU7000 also benefits from Samsung’s Motion Sync Design offering four degrees of freedom and large cambered wheels allow for smooth rolling on straights and around corners. the VU7000 is also equipped with Samsung Cyclone Force Multi that employs a series of small cyclonic chambers that allows the vacuum to maintain suction power, ensuring you will be getting the best out of the 200W suction power consistently. no word on when the Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync Upright Vacuum will be available, but when it does become available, expect it to set you back at a good $500.

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Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync Upright Vacuum

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