let’s get this straight: this is not just about Samuel Adams Utopias, but it is the Samuel Adams Utopias that is destined to be served onboard the Crystal Cruises’ 2013 European cruises. like most beers, it takes the bottle to draw us to it (we are not alcoholic, so the beer itself won’t attract us like bees are to flower). the Samuel Adams Utopias is among some of the world’s finest craft brews such as the Thornbridge Bracia of England, Ola Dubh 12 from Scotland, Austria’s Samichiaus, Rochefort Trappistes 10 from Belgium, just to name a few. hailed as the ultimate collector’s brew, the Samuel Adams Utopias is expected to make the cruise later this year. contained within its copper brew kettle style bottle is a rich, dark, non-carbonated beer that is brewed from a mix of of caramel and Vienna malts, along with several types of yeast – including a variety found in champagne – blended and aged in the Barrel Room at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery.

the unique taste of Samuel Adams Utopias and its limited yearly availability – 3,000 bottles to be exact – makes it the ultimate cult beer that also happens to be the one of the strongest in history (we heard it has 27% of alcohol content – man, is it still a beer?). the Samuel Adams Utopias is expected to cost a handsome $300+ per bottle when it find its way onto the Crystal Cruises’ New Connoisseur Beer Menu and each beer will be presented in a special glass that is said to “enhanced the beverage’s unique flavors.” says who that only wines and spirits deserve such connoisseur treatment?

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