instead of displaying your collection of alcohol beverage ‘trophies’ (read: emptied bourbon and/or whiskey bottles) on the shelves, why not light them up by turning them into cool, one-of-the-kind lamps? with the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp, you can totally do that. the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is basically a frosted white lamp shade with a LED lamp within and a ‘pole’ that allows you to place it into the opening of any bottle and vases. it is the simplest idea but one that guarantees a personalized touch to your humble abode. the lamp is USB-powered, which means you can either plug it into any USB port or USB power adapter, and it turns on and off by just touching the disc located at the top of the lamp. not only does it offer individuality but also give you the flexibility of refreshing the look of your lamp whenever your mood feels like, well, as long as you have the supply of receptacle for it. the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is available now for an introductory price of $24.99 a pop. and by ‘a pop’ we do mean just the lamp only; empty bottles are not included. take a few more look in the gallery below and also catch the product promo clip in the embedded video further down.

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