Seagull Swallowed a Pigeon Whole in Rome Back In 2012

When Alfred Hitchcock’s horror-thriller The Birds (1963, Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions) was aired, people probably didn’t think seagulls would be so much of a nightmare than snagging your seaside picnic food, or dropping shit on unsuspecting beachgoers in the worst case scenario. But a 2012 video posted on YouTube will make you think twice about your presumption of these seemingly harmless avian creatures. The video, which has for some reasons only gone viral recently, captured the large seafaring bird devouring a pigeon. Yes. A freaking pigeon! And if you have not already noticed, a pigeon ain’t no small bird!

The footage was apparently recorded at Rome, capital of Italy, and it showed a pigeon being pecked by the large chips-loving seagull as it laid motionlessly on the ground and if that does not appear out of the ordinary to you (man, what are you?!!), wait till you see the eventual fate of the pigeon. Anywho, the seagull must have thought that nibbling the pigeon for meat was a tad too slow and decided to fill its stomach quicker by swallowing the poor bird, whole. That, my friend, is the holy shit moment right there. The footage showed us the carnivorous (and borderline cannibal) nature not often seen from a bird that we only knew love picnic food.

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Seagull at The Pier, Santa Monica, California by Mike-2017
And yet I tried to get too close to one when I was down at the Pier, Santa Monica, last month… yikes

Now, here’s the thing: there is no way of telling if the pigeon was dead on the seagull’s arrival, or if the seagull was responsible for the smaller bird’s death because when the footage started, the pigeon appeared to be laying motionless on the ground as the seagull feasted on bits of the flesh. However, whether not if the pigeon was killed by the seagull is non-consequential because the fact that a seagull would chomped down a pigeon was crazy enough, if not disconcerting.

I can’t help but to think that scenarios like those depicted in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds could be true after all. I mean, after all, growing human population is pushing animals to change their diet, isn’t it? Skip ahead for the said video, but we strongly advise those without strong stomach or ornithophobics to avoid the video entirely.

Image: YouTube.

via indy100.