Senna – Limited Collectors Edition Blu-ray with F1 Lotus Model

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Senna – Limited Collectors Edition Blu-ray with 1:12 F1 Lotus Model | £274.99 |

For everyone who loves Formula One, there’s a hero that lives in our heart and that hero is non other than motor-racing legend Ayrton Senna (1960 – 1994). Though it has been 17-years since his tragic passing, Formula 1 fans can have a piece of this legend with this official documentary entitled SENNA on Blu-ray disc. It is the first ever official documentary feature about the legend’s life, made with the full cooperation of the Senna family and Formula 1 Management.

This limited collectors edition comes with a 2-disc Blu-ray and a 1:12 scale F1 Lotus Model based on the machine that Senna had once piloted. The Senna – Limited Collectors Edition Blu-ray with 1:12 F1 Lotus Model carries a pretty hefty price tag of £274.99 (about US$450). If the price is little prohibitive for you, there are a few other options like the ‘Senna – Digibook with Making of Production Notes – Blu-ray Collectors Edition‘ (£29.99), ‘Senna – Blu-ray Triple Play‘ (£19.99) or the ‘Senna – 2 Disc DVD‘ (£15.99). Catch a two and a half minutes trailer of SENNA after the break.

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