simple tips: how to use your PS3 controller with your Mac

i was looking for a decent game pad to play some Mac games. to be exact, i wanted to play the action/puzzle game LEGO Indiana Jones. my requirements was simple, it must be functional and it must be stylish. before i could find my ideal game pad, i stumbled upon something interesting that ended my search for a game pad: using your PS3 dualshock sixaxis controller on your Mac. i am currently on Snow Leopard, and all i have to do to get my PS3 controller to work with my Mac is to install the PS3 USB driver and i am good to go. i have yet to try with other games but it does works with LEGO Indiana Jones. ain’t it cool? 😉 my iMac also detects the PS3 controller as a bluetooth device, so i can either use the controller via the USB cable or via bluetooth connection.

Using PS3 controller on your Mac 544px
PS3 dual shock controller hooked up to iMac via USB, you can go with BT as well.
Using PS3 controller on your Mac 544px
if the controller is successful recognized by the Mac, you can start navigating the menu using it.
Using PS3 controller on your Mac - config screenshot 544px
the configuration screen of LEGO Indiana Jones. you gotta figure out what the numbers represents.

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