Sinuous Guitars – cos’ you don’t need to look like Eric Clapton

Sinuous Guitar Model SD-22
(photos: Sinuous) Sinuous Guitars | from US$1,750.00 |

when it comes to guitar, musicians tend to stick to the norm – you know, the familiar classic designs from Fender, Gibson and the likes. even the Flying V design is nothing indifferent in today’s context but why conform to the tradition and sacrifice your personal style in the process? really, you shouldn’t and need not to if you go grab yourself a piece of this gorgeous custom guitar from Sinuous Guitars. featuring an organically sculpted guitar body, affectionally known as ‘Sinuous Double Cut Dual Humbucker’, crafted from poplar wood, a hard maple neck with rosewood maple finger board, graphite nuts, dual pickup configuration, a 3-way switch to match and a range of finishes to choose from, you’d be grinding your axe with extreme classy style. note: we said classy not classic cos’ we are not going back to the traditional look. not after you have seen these beautifully crafted guitar and to prove the point, check out some awesome images of these guitars after the break. needless to say, exquisite craftsmanship and individualism is not going to be cheap – the price for the Sinuous Guitars starts from $1,750 and runs up to $2,150 a piece.

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