Small World of Warcraft Board Game

Here’s one for all board game enthusiasts. Board game publisher, Days of Wonder, has announced that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMORPG game will be joining its Small World board game lineup.

Small World of Warcraft Board Game

For those who don’t know, Small World is a board game in which players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all. Now, that already sounds like a lot fun and with the fantasy world of Azeroth thrown into the mix, it should be even more funner.

Called Small World of Warcraft, this latest Small World board game is designed for 2-5 players and can be completed in 40-80 minutes. It features a variety of new and exclusive artwork, races and special powers of WoW, attractive double-side game boards, and more.

Small World of Warcraft Board Game

The Small World of Warcraft contains the following:

• 6 Double-Sided Game Boards
• 16 World of Warcraft Races with matching banners & tokens
• 20 Special Power badges
• 7 Legendary Places & 5 Artifacts
• 10 Mountains, 15 Murlocs, 9 Wisp Walls, 4 Harmony tokens, 12 Bombs, 1 Champion, 10 Forts, 2 Military Objectives, 5 Beasts & 6 Watch Towers
• 1 Game Turn track & 1 Game Turn Marker
• 110 Victory Coins
• 5 Summary Sheets
• 1 Reinforcement Die
• 1 Rules Booklet
• 1 Team Variant Rules sheet

I would say it is a must-have for any WoW fan even if he/she is not into board games. Small World of Warcraft Board Game is expected to drop in North America and Europe in Summer 2020 priced at US$59.99.

Images: Days of Wonder.