Sony is relatively new in the game of audiophile products and with its competitors already established their footholds, it is only wise for Sony to ramp up their marketing effort so that the rest of the world knows they are down right serious about sounding good. And what better way to promote the awesomeness of hi-res audio than to collaborate with a rock band that has been known to be uncompromising in regards to audio quality? In this case, Sony has chosen to work with Foo Fighters, a band whom have been “proactively demonstrating the highest standards in audio technology live on the road, at the band’s own 606 Studios, and in the various legendary studios in which the band’s current album, Sonic Highways, was recorded,” Sony said.

Sony x Foo Fighters Hi-res Audio

The collaboration will see Sony engaging in various marketing initiatives to promote Foo Fighters and Hi-Res Audio to countries like Japan, the U.S., Europe, Latin America, as well as Asia. Sony has been busy expanding its Hi-Res audio products and along the way, teaming up with music industry to encourage the adoption of Hi-Res Audio and this partnership with Foo Fighters also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the band’s acclaimed self-titled debut album. You can learn more about Sony Corporation and Foo Fighters partnership over at Sony’s Hear the Difference campaign page.

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