sophisticated docking: the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 dock

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(image: B&O) B&O BeoSound 8 Dock | US$999 |

you can always trust Bang & Olufsen (commonly known as B&O) to come up with product that make you exclaim ‘wow’ and the BeoSound 8 is no exception. finally we have a sound dock that docks the iPad as well, not just your iPods or iPhones. the new BeoSound 8 can be hanged on the wall, and place anywhere as long there’s a power outlet to power it.
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the BeoSound 8 also features the patented Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL) which are used in B&O’s higher end speakers system. BeoSound 8 comes in either black or white aluminum details and an options of six different hues for the fabric speaker covers. with so many brand of sound docks in the market, we are really spoilt for choice and this also means manufacturers have to work harder to convince us to part with our money for them.

on the first look, the BeoSound 8 looks pretty futuristic but i don’t think it has the pull factor to get me going for an audition.

B&O BeoSound 8 sound dock - mounted on wall 544px

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