the Mercedes-Benz M-Class is no doubt a beautiful machine but for every self-respecting individualist, the last thing you want is to have a ride look just like your neighbors. with that in mind, this is where your ride will need a little attention from aftermarket tuners such as German luxury car tuner HOFELE-DESIGN. HOFELE has just the right stuff to make your otherwise regular M-Class into one that the look to match its prowess. the STARCRUISER GT 550, as it is known, is a 14-piece wide body aero kit that comprises of a replacement front bumper with extra huge air intakes, flanked by LED daytime running light module with five single LEDs, flared wheel arches all round, and wraps off with a quad sports tailpipes matched with a wide rear apron diffuser. the kit itself will fit all versions of the ML models with the exception of the AMG ML63 and it could be yours for €6,500 (around US$8,390). also on the menu but not included in the STARCRUISER GT 550 kit, is a set of designer large rolling stocks designed by HOFELE-DESIGN, dubbed as the ‘REVERSO II’ to match your spanking new HOFELE-kitted ride, available in 9 x 20-inch or the humongous 10 x 22-inch.

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of course, lets not forget about the interior, less they also look too much like the ML that pulls up next to you at the traffic junction. HOFELE also offers an interior package trim known as Star-Light that features a bi-color leather interior with stitched elements and ornamental seams – all of which covers essential areas such as the door panels, front and rear armrests, as well as the steering wheel. though stunning, expect to shell out an additional €5,900 (about US$7,620) for a spruced up interior. separately, HOFELE is also offering an electric lowering module (dubbed the HOFELE ETS System) that will electronically lower or lift the M-Class with respect to the speed that it is going. the latter offers a low ride height while at a speed of 80 or lower but rises as it exceed 80 km/h. last for not least, for owners of M-Class diesel variants (specifically, ML 250 and ML 350), HOFELE Dynamic Pro is designed to up the standard 350 BlueTec Diesel’s output from 255 hp (190 kW) to 308 hp (230 kW) and its torque get a boost from 620 Nm to 700 Nm. take a closer look at the STARCRUISER GT 550 kit and the Star-Light interior after the break.

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