Surly Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike

Got a small business to run that requires a short range cargo hauler? Well, then Surly Bikes Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike might be it. Big Easy is a long-tail electric cargo bike that is kind of like the 18-wheeler in the cargo bike world, except that it does not blast air horn nor does it spew out fumes like a big rig. In other words, it is easy on the environment and at the same time, you or your staff will get a little leg workout every time stuff needs to be delivered – aided by Bosch Performance CX motor, paired to Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, of course.

Surly Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike

And did we mention it is long? Yeah, it is, but Surly Bikes promised that despite its length, it will feel like a normal-length bike. Moreover, the stand-over height clearance is increased and a dropper post routing was also thrown in to allow Big Easy to be shared across different-sized riders. Big rigs do not discriminate against a person’s size, neither will Big Easy.

Surly Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike

Key features include:

• Full component set perfectly suited for electric cargo bikes, including four-piston Tektro brakes
• Equipped with Bosch Performance CX, their most powerful drive unit
• Damping headset for smooth and stable handling under heavy loads
• Capable of running dual batteries for extended range, if you’re into that. (All mounting hardware and wiring included.)
• Large-volume 26” x 2.5” ExtraTerrestrial tires and durable wheel builds
• Big Easy available for purchase in the US only 
• Frame integration with Surly Bill and Ted trailers for maximum cargo potential

Unfortunately, though, the battery isn’t integrated into the frame. It will be nice if it was, but it is a sleek-looking, performing cargo bike nevertheless. Surly Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike is available now, going for $5,000 for the complete bike.

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All images courtesy of Surly Bikes.

Submitted via TIP US Page.