Streamz Smart Streaming Headphones

open up to more sources of personal music enjoyment with this pair of Streamz Smart Streaming Headphones that allows you to enjoy music from multiple sources. we are not going to lie to you; aesthetically, the Smart Headphones is nothing to shout about, but on the spec-sheet, it is an

Three Audio Video Gadgets From LG For CES 2014

thinking of refreshing your audio video setup? Here’s a peek at what Korean electronics giant LG, has to offer in the audio video lineup for 2014, which the firm will be showcasing at the 2014 International CES next month, happening between

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept

first shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept Sedan or Toyota FCV Concept will be making its debut in North America at the 2014 International CES next month. the hype of electric-powered vehicles have overshadowed this other alternative fuel

LG Chromebase All-In-One Computer

now that Chrome device has pretty much established itself in the mobile computing segment, namely laptop (or notebook, if you prefer), it is ready to move into a new territory where Chrome OS could call itself home and that’s the desktop, or more specifically, the All-In-One computer, kicking off

Avegant Glyph Head Mounted Display

the Avegant Glyph Head Mounted Display you see here is what it says it is, a head mounted display, though it does look a wee like a pair of headphones. well, you can’t blame it for looking so much like a pair of audio cans, after all, this head mounted display also touts “premium audio experience”

Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit

this pair of wearable display coming from HUD maker Lumus, who are better known for their military-grade products, is one of the sleeker high-tech eyewear we have seen to date and one that you can probably wear without inviting stares, well, except maybe for the chunky component at the side which houses a 5MP camera

Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds

the idea of wireless audio cans is cool, but seriously, you don’t expect yourself to don a pair of wireless headphones like the sleek Studio Wireless Headphones when you are out scaling the rocks or doing some routine cardio, do you? and that’s why there is the Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds.