Airbus’ Idea Of Passengers’ Comfort Is Letting Them Sleep In The Cargo Area

Airbus is relentless when it comes to “optimizing use of the available space” and it, apparently, goes beyond the passenger cabin – to the cargo hold area. Yup. That’s right. If Airbus have its way, by 2020, airlines will have passengers in the belly of the flying tin can too. But not to worry, it […]

Airbus Plans To Use This Giant Harpoon To Take Out Space Junk

Every time you look up into the night sky, what do you see? If your answer is ‘stars’ and ‘satellites’, well, you are only partially correct. You see, the thing is, not every shimmering specks in the blackened sky are stars; some of them could be space junk or debris reflecting lights. It is true […]

Airbus Successfully Demoed Parcel Delivery Drone With NUS

The future of small parcel delivery is no doubt from up above. Amazon has been working hard to realize this and even go as far as pushing a pilot in UK. Several other companies, including DHL, has also embarked on the same path and in the case of DHL, an unmanned drone was used to […]

Airbus’ Vision Of Flying Car Is Not Quite A Car. It Is More Like An Aircraft

If you have grown tired of constant traffic jams, giving up driving and hoping on taxis and ride sharing cars won’t help you get out of the gridlock. Trains like subways sound like a good idea, except that you have to rub shoulders with many. Not exactly the ideal solution, is it? What you need […]

This Is Airbus’ Experimental Electric Aircraft, It Is The Future Of Aviation

While Tesla Motors is making headway in bringing electric vehicles to the masses, aircraft maker Airbus is also working towards the vision of eventually replacing fossil-based aviation fuel. Airbus E-Fan project started back in 2011 with the goal of developing more energy efficient aircraft in line with European Commission’s aim of minimizing aircraft CO emissions, […]

Boeing Partners With Peugeot Design Lab to Create A Helicopter

Peugeot Design Lab is unlike any automobile design house. First of all, it is own and operated by the French automaker and secondly, it does a whole lot more than turning up fancy cars. It has food truck, timepiece, collectible toys, jewelry, piano, furniture and more, under its growing design portfolio. Now, it can proudly […]

Airbus Hatches Evil Plan to Stack Passengers in the Name of Optimizing Use of Cabin Space

It is no secret that commercial jet makers have been wooing airlines with aircrafts that can carry more. But this latest seating arrangement patent filed by Airbus takes the cake as the most evil plan of all. Yes. We said ‘evil’ because if the present cramped seating arrangement in the economy class isn’t bad enough, […]

Here’s Another Supersonic Jet That Wants to Take You from London to New York in 4 Hours

A typical passenger jet travels at a subsonic speed of between 475 and 500 knots (around 546 and 575 mph), which should take you from London to New York in 6-7 hours. By hours, that’s pretty quick, but with respect to daytime, that’s half of your waking hours gone to waste. However, if Aerion Supersonic […]