ASUS Unleashes A Slew Of Digital Products At Computex, Including A Five-mode Laptop

the annual Computex has always been ASUS playground to show off new digital products and this year’s Computex is no different. the number of products the Taiwanese computer products maker have unveiled at this year’s Computex could easily make anyone lightheaded and for uber geeks, grinning with joy. it has taken the wraps off no […]

Lenovo C560 All-In-One Computer

though the Chinese computer maker Lenovo refers the C560 All-In-One Computer as an affordable machine, it is probably just referring to base model, but still, we can’t deny that a starting price of $659 is pretty enticing, which make the mark for those aren’t aiming to top-notch performance.

LG Chromebase All-In-One Computer

now that Chrome device has pretty much established itself in the mobile computing segment, namely laptop (or notebook, if you prefer), it is ready to move into a new territory where Chrome OS could call itself home and that’s the desktop, or more specifically, the All-In-One computer, kicking off

Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC

it looks like the 4th generation Intel Core processors are sweeping into the market at a pretty quick pace and among them, is this beautiful AIO from Toshiba, dubbed the Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC. described by the Japanese maker as a “powerful entertainment hub”, the PX35t is a sleek machine that

ASUS Transformer AiO – it’s a Windows PC and an Android Tablet

the idea behind an All-In-One PC is obvious: it is everything that you will need for a full computing experience packaged into a compact form factor. however, Taiwanese electronics maker, ASUS begs to differ and go ahead upping the ante of an All-In-One with its ASUS Transformer AiO. it has everything you know

Vizio Premium PC Line with Full HD Touchscreens

remember those beautiful Windows machines that Vizio announced mid of last year? they are beautiful, alright but in this fast pace gadget world, beauty without the latest brain is no good and so, Vizio has updated every machines of this 2013 line with 10-point multitouch displays – in full HD, no less…

HP SpectreONE

Apple revolutionized the desktop computer market with all-in-one concept years ago and though it offers anti-clutter folks much reprieve from the usual nest of wires, they are anything but affordable. thanks to the myriad of brands out in the market, PC users don’t have to suffer the same burn-a-hole-in-your-wallet fate. however, not all-in-ones are…

Vizio Premium PC Line

part of the draw about Mac computers is its sleek, clean design and honestly speaking, they have the most eye-pleasing aesthetic among the computers we have today, well, that’s until Vizio made its comparatively sleek PC line available to the masses. we have a sneak of these exciting release from the America’s number 1 LCD…