Would You Pay $10K For A 1/4 Scale Bugatti Chiron W16 Engine?

Amalgam made a name for itself by creating insanely detailed scaled car models and scaled replica steering wheels, and if you think it’d stop right there, well, you are sorely wrong. The company has taken its scaled modelling to an out-of-this-world level of details with the 1/4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine and Gearbox. For this […]

Would You Drop $12,000 For A 1/8 Scale McLaren P1 Model?

So you have been saving all this while for the gorgeous McLaren P1. As you joyously prepare yourself for the big day when you will drive your Toyota Prius to swop for a P1, you read on the news that P1 will no longer be made. It must have been hard for you as your […]

Scuderia Ferrari 150° Italia 1:4 Scale Steering Wheel

for the average Formula One fans, owning a piece of this lean mean racing car could be the next best thing to owning the entire car and one of the most sought after part is perhaps the…