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meet the world’s first Android 2.3 clamshell phone from Sharp

Sharp AQUOS Hybrid 007SH 544x688px
(credit: Sharp/Softbank)

what you see here is the world’s first Android 2.3 clamshell form-factor phone from Sharp AQUOS line of mobile phone. it is well known that Japanese has an unwavering love for clamshell phone (and fancy phone straps!) and here it is, the Hybrid 007SH is here to satisfy the market’s need for folding phones. Continue reading meet the world’s first Android 2.3 clamshell phone from Sharp

KDDI iida Infobar Android phone is stylishly colorful

KDDI iida Infobar A01 544x488px
(credit: KDDI via MobileCrunch)

with a slew of Android phone flooding the market with just about the same look, it is indeed refreshing to see some uniquely different design to grace the market. KDDI, Japan’s second largest mobile carrier has unveiled a line of mobile phones yesterday and among them is one Android phone that’s strikingly sexy. dubbed the Infobar A01, it is the successor to the hugely popular Infobar and Continue reading KDDI iida Infobar Android phone is stylishly colorful

Sharp Aquos f SH-13C features QI wireless charging

Sharp AQUOS f SH-13C 544x500px
(credit: Sharp via Akihabara News)

Sharp score another first for its Android phone under the AQUOS brand name. the model featured here, f SH-13C is the first time QI wireless charging is being integrated into a mobile phone. the phone will come packaged with the QI wireless battery and charging pad. there’s nothing to shout about this Android phone which could easily pass off as ‘yet another Android phone’ if not for its integrated wireless charging feature. Continue reading Sharp Aquos f SH-13C features QI wireless charging

Sharp unveiled new glasses-free 3D AQUOS smartphone

Sharp AQUOS SH-12C Phone 544x378px
(credit: Sharp Japan) Sharp SH-12C AQUOS Phone | ¥tbc | www.sharp.co.jp

if you are a 3D fanatics, then you will be pleased that Sharp has unveiled it latest 3D phone under its AQUOS brand name. dubbed the Sharp AQUOS SH-12C, this Android 2.3 powered smartphone sports two 8-megapixels CMOS cameras that enables it to capture still images and video in 3D. the phone is capable of 3D content playback that’s viewable without the need for 3D glasses. Continue reading Sharp unveiled new glasses-free 3D AQUOS smartphone

LG Optimus 3D with the world’s first 3D Augmented Reality

LG Optimus 3D with 3D AR 544x388px
(credit: LG)

LG has teamed up with Wikitude, a pioneer in augmented reality (AR), to implement the world’s first 3D augmented reality browser in its LG Optimus 3D smartphone. the Wikitude 3D browser enables a better interaction and engagement with real-time user environments. unlike its 2D counterpart, 3D AR shows places, landmarks and objects in 3D making them easily recognizable to the users. additionally, the browser allows users to learn more about their surrounding through access to related articles on Wikipedia and Twitter information. Continue reading LG Optimus 3D with the world’s first 3D Augmented Reality

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX: is it a netbook or laptop or?

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX main 544x408px
(image credit: Motorola) Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX | about US$500.00 | www.motorola.com

Motorola ATRIX 4G is said to be the world’s most powerful smartphone and winner of multiple awards at the CES 2011. that said, we believe most of us are already aware of its features and specifications. however, we are not focusing on ATRIX 4G handset, instead we are looking at its WEBTOP functionality, specifically the accessory that extends the power of this smartphone, so to speak. the accessory in focus is the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX which, as the name suggests, is a netbook (sort of) but strange as it is, the lapdock runs off the processing power from the ATRIX 4G smartphone. the lapdock has a full keyboard and a trackpad just like a full-fledge netbook.

when the ATRIX is docked to the lapdock, user can access the full ATRIX 4G smartphone functions right from the lapdock, plus a few other features such as desktop Firefox browser, File Manager and Facebook client etc cetera. there’s also a Entertainment Center where user can listen to the music and video that’s on their ATRIX 4G. the lapdock comes with a built-in battery, which also charges the ARTIX 4G when it is docked. the dock itself also comes with charging cable, but it will still charges the ATRIX even the dock isn’t hooked up – provided that the lapdock has enough juice for the task. interesting, though this isn’t a full-fledge netbook but it aims to provide a bigger screen estate for user to work on while they are on the move.

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX main2 544x388px
(image credit: Motorola)

with the cloud computing gaining popularity, i guess your laptop might only need a browser to get most of your work done, hence the ATRIX 4G and lapdock combo could be a viable solution for mobile busy bees. the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX retails about $500, not exactly cheap as you could have easily get a netbook for that price. however, this combo might saves yourself the trouble of tethering.

Disney announced Android handsets in Japan

Disney Android Handset img1 544px
(image credit: Disney)

apparently, the folks over at Japan are big fans of Disney which justify the launch of the Disney branded Android phones. these Disney Android phones will features exclusive Disney themed wallpapers, widgets and apps. on the specs end, it will be running on Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) and rumored to spot a 3.8-inch WVGA glasses-free 3D touchscreen display, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, a 9.6 megapixels camera with 720p video recording capability, micro SD card, among other features.

expected to be available in Japan in February, the Disney-branded Android handsets will, again, be a Japan-only gadget. hard luck for Disney fans from the rest of world.

Disney Android Handset img2 544px
from left to right: mouse-patterned white, pink, gold, the disney castle, minnie mouse polka dots, and a generic plant print

via fonearena

Google releases Nexus S and Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread

Google Nexus S img1 544px
(image credit: Google) Google Nexus S | US$tbc | www.google.com

finally, a news that dispel all speculations and leaks. Google announces its next generation Google Phone, dubbed the Google Nexus S along with the new Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. unlike its predecessor, Nexus S is the next generation of Nexus devices, co-developed by Google and Samsung. Continue reading Google releases Nexus S and Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread

3D capable Android Handsets to be launched by Softbank

Softbank Sharp-built 3D-capable Handsets 544px
(photo credit: TechOn!)

just barely a month after our report on Sharp concept Mobile 3D showcased during last month’s CEATEC Japan 2010, Softbank Mobile Corp, a Japanese Telecommunication company, announced the launched of Android 2.2 handsets that are capable of displaying 3D images viewable with our naked eyes. not surprisingly, these handsets dubbed Galapagos 003SH and Galapagos 005SH, are manufactured by Sharp Corp and will be available from end of 2010 till spring 2011.

both the 003SH and 005SH has the capability to capture 3D images as well. unlike the concept showcased in CEATEC Japan 2010, the handsets do not have dual camera lens for 3D capturing but instead, user has to continuously take pictures “while moving the handset from side to side’. from the captured images, the handset will then automatically choose two images for the right and left eye (to create the 3D imagery). as for the pixel count, the 003SH makes use of 9.6 megapixels CCD sensor while the 005SH uses a 8 megapixels CMOS sensor.

the 003SH handsets will be available in 10 colors and designs. no mention of the color for 005SG though. both 003SH and the 005SH will runs on Qualcomm MSM8255 1GHz processor, which should give enough ‘oomph’ for its purpose. however, until we lay our hands on these sets, we won’t know exactly how much the 3D processing will be taxing on its processor. another noteworthily thing is that these handsets are limited to still images. hence, there will be no 3D videoing.

according to the report, 3D contents will be offered along with these handsets which includes pre-installed games and 3D movie trailers. again, Japanese will be getting head start with the mobile 3D technology while the rest of the world will have wait and see.

Softbank Galapagos 003SH 544px

Softbank Galapagos 003SH - taking 3D image 544px

Softbank Galapagos 005SH - mock-up 544px
(photo credit: TechOn!)

via TechOn!

leaked photo of Samsung Nexus Two – successor to Nexus One?

Samsung Nexus Two 544px
(photo source: gizmodo.com

is it real? the next Nexus Two to be made by Samsung? what? no more HTC? i have always liked HTC, but i don’t particularly dislike Samsung as well. but the photo posted by Gizmodo, has the Nexus Two looking good. the Nexus Two reportedly will have a front facing camera, thus video call could be well in the package. aside from the singular photo, nothing much is known about it’s innards. what could be in it? could it be running the Gingerbread i.e. the Android OS 2.3?

i found it strange with Google implementation plan for it’s OS. newer OS seems to be coming up faster then you can say ‘Google’. regardless, it looks like the release of the Gingerbread will be ‘real soon’ as noted by report by The Register. Google even have a Gingerbread Man outside their lawn. watch the video below. according to The Register “unnamed sources”, Nexus Two “will arrive on November 8”. well, it is already the 1st, we will find out soon enough… aren’t they going to call the successor ‘Google Nexus Two‘?

via Gizmodo & The Register