This Car Can Be A Ford, An Audi, Or Anything You Want It To Be

You know those car TV commercials? How they shoot is probably none of our business, but special effect specialist, The Mill, has came up with a brilliant solution that would help future car commercial making cost less and the tool it proposes is a car. But it is not just any car, it is a …

Johnny Express – An Animated Short Film About The Laziest Space Delivery Man

it has been a while since we last hit you guys up with short films and so here’s one that we think that’s worth every seconds of the five minutes of your life. titled ‘Johnny Express‘, the short sci-fi (yes, of course, it is sci-fi) follows a super lazy interplanetary delivery man on one of …

JUNK HEAD 1 – A Stop-Motion Animated Film

animated or not, we considered ourselves as serious sci-fi addicts. if you as big a fan as us for such genre of film, then you shouldn’t miss this epic stop-motion animated film created by one Takahide Hori. and when we said “don’t miss it”, we seriously mean don’t miss it. the JUNK HEAD 1, as the film was called

Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo

apart from Ghost in the Shell, Akira is perhaps the most defining manga to ever risen from the land of the rising sun. my childhood fantasy about the future practically grew out from Akira, starting with Kaneda’s badass motorcycle. though i was, in part, disturbed by Katsuhiro Otomo’s depiction of the future, but what do

The Adventures of Tintin posters and trailer [photos & video]

Hollywood’s ‘lethal’ combination: director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson has made The Adventures of Tintin one to watch out for. i am not a huge fan of Tintin because my…