META SpaceGlasses Augmented Reality Glasses

step aside Minority Report – before gesture really gets into the hands of millions (save for Samsung gesture-capable HDTV), we are already seeing the possibility of a la-Tony Stark augmented reality system that any average joe can acquire and that system is none other than the META SpaceGlasses, a pair of advanced

2014 Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog App

whenever we hit up ikea stores, we make sure we have our home or office floor plan handy – just to be sure we don’t get anything that doesn’t fit (returning a bed or sofa can be hassle, really). while “sizing” can be solved by the good old way (i.e. measuring), whether the furniture does

Google Glass

how many times have you missed out great moments because you feel a drag to pull out your mobile to take a shot or two? personally, i have one too many of such experiences. the about-to-realize Google Glass will ensure that will never happen again. with the Google Glass on, all you need is your voice command to do a bunch every day stuff such as