MasterCraft X23 Makes Wave, Lets You Surf Even on Calm Lakes

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to seasides with crashing waves and not everyone who is lucky enough to own a boat stays near the sea where there are bountiful of waves to get your surfing fix. But you don’t need to resign to fate if calm water is the only waterbody you […]

Hov Pod’s Newest Hovercraft is the First of its Kind That’s Made from Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and HDPE

If you’re going to travel over a variety of terrains, then you’ll be needing a rugged ride. One that’s built to take the beating the terrains could unleash on it. One like the Hov Pod Carbon Fiber Hovercraft. Touted as the first hovercraft to be made from carbon fiber, Kevlar and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), […]

You Can Own the Terrain Like a Boss with Renegade Hovercraft, without Blowing Your Hearing

I am not sure why would you need a hovercraft, but I suppose if you want to own the terrain like a boss, then a hovercraft seems like a logical choice. If so, you might want to give Renegade Hovercraft a thought. Renegade, btw, is a successful line of personal hovercraft from the folks who […]

U.S. Navy’s New Underwater Robot Takes On The Likeness of a Shark and Behaves Like One Too

When you are spying on someone (not that you should, really), the last thing you want is to spook your subject with the obvious. That said, we can see why some military is so keen in developing intelligence-gathering unmanned vehicle in the likeness animals. Ok, may be such biomimicry is not solely for deception; it […]

This 1957 Evinrude Flying Saucer Fishing Boat Is So Radical That It Should Be Called ‘Fishing Saucer’

this is not the latest in boat design, though it might look like one and we would obliged to think it will still look pretty out-of-this-world even in fifty years time. in fact, it was a designed circa 1950 by maritime company Evinrude and was said to be the work of Brooks Stevens. while the […]

TIWAL 3.2 Is A Sailboat Fit For Two That Packs Into The Back Of Your Car

you know how it is when it comes to water sports, especially those that involves seafaring vehicles such as a sailboat; they are definitely not cheap and even if you could afford one, buying one is not a be-all and end-all thing, at least not in the monetary aspect. there is still docking charge, the […]

U.S. Marines Would-Be Amphibious Transporter Looks Like A Doomsday Machine

is it just me or today’s military vehicles are looking more and more like doomsday or post-apocalypse machines? case in point: the Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC). this monstrous war machine is, believe it or not, an amphibious vehicle that is currently being tested as the potential replacement for the aging Landing Craft Air Cushioned […]

Aeroboat Day-Boat Powered By Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 Engine

when you have a watercraft that looks as elegant as the Aeroboat by Claydon Reeves, it is only right that it graces a prestigious event like the Salute to Style which will be taking place at The Hurlingham Club on July 16-19. this Brit designed and built futuristic day-boat is powered by a reconditioned, fuel-injected […]

Amphicruiser – 4×4 Amphibious Vehicle

it may not look like an amphibious vehicle, but rest assure that the Amphicruiser is totally capable of handling the water – thanks to its onboard waterjet propulsion which allows it to swiftly transit from land going four-by-four to a water cruising vehicle at a press of a button. and we talked about ‘water’, we […]

HeliCat 22 Helicopter-inspired Catamaran

is it a boat? is it a helicopter? or is it a seaplane? well, it is actually a watercraft, or a catamaran to be exact. we were as dumbfounded as you might have when we first saw this contraption. in fact, we were pretty excited first when we thought it could actually take off and fly. alas, it…