The world’s largest navy, the U.S. Navy, has just took delivery of its 10th Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), the Littoral Combat Ship 19 USS St. Louis. If you haven’t already heard, LCS is a flexible warship designed with adaptability in mind that would allow it to be outfitted to specific mission.

Speed, strength and versatility are keep to this new-kind of military warship. Generally speaking, LCS is outfitted with Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM), SeaRAM and a Mark 110 gun capable of discharging 220 rounds per minute.

Adaptability is a major selling point of this vessel. Over a third of the hull is open and ready to be outfitted to take on new capability. In addition, it has Aegis-derived COMBATSS-21 combat management system to “quick add capabilities.”

All told, Littoral Combat Ship can serve surface, anti-submarine and mine countermeasure missions, plus the ability to deploy both manned and unmanned aerial, surface or sub-surface missions.

U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship 19 USS St. Louis

The Littoral Combat Ship was developed by Lockheed Martin and built by Fincantieri Marinette Marine. LCS is an evolving warship that never stops evolving. Lockheed Martin is partnering with U.S. Navy to evolve the LCS to meet new threats, including giving it computing infrastructures with cyber upgrades, naval strike missiles et cetera.

LCS 19 was delivered in February and it will subsequently be commissioned in Pensacola, Florida this Summer. Keep going to catch a highlight video of the LCS, or learn more about this modern warfare combat ships HERE.

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Images: U.S. Navy/Lockheed Martin.

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