Remember the real-life Robotech, MegaBots? You know, the 15-ton, 2-story tall beast that won the world’s first mech robot battle two years ago? Well, we have sad news for you. The company behind it has ran out of money to keep this world’s first giant mech and have to let it go.

MegaBots is Selling on eBay For $1

Yes. MegaBots is selling its battle-proven – so to speak – giant-ass robot and it is being auctioned on eBay starting at just a dollar – no reserve. Believe it. Your chance of picking up a piece of modern day history is here. It has been a few days since the auction went live, but already, prospective buyers have already bumped the price up to around $150,000.

At the time of this post, it has pulled in 193 bids. If you are interested, we suggest you watch a video posted by its creator in its entirety to learn in details about MegaBots, why the company is selling this awesome machine and what the sale entails. Go ahead and have a look, or just hit up its eBay listing for those details if you prefer to read.

But be warned about the video; it is a bitter sweet video and it may make fans cry uncontrollably. Personally, I am sadden that the journey has to come to an end for its original creator, but on the other hand, there is hope that may someone with more financial and perhaps, marketing know how, will bring this granddaddy of America mech to a greater height.

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Adios, MegaBots. You were entertaining and inspiring while it lasted.

Images: MegaBots.

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