U.S. MegaBot versus Japan Kuratas Mech Finally Happening

Yup. Apparently, the much anticipated world’s first mech robot battle has happened. It was conducted in private, without spectators, due to safety concerns, at an abandoned steel warehouse in Japan. When the challenged was issued by the American’s MegaBots team, the Japanese’s Kurata built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry has all but one condition: the battle will be strictly a melee battle. That’s right. No projectile firing weapons. It is just the good’ol hand-to-hand robot fight. The U.S. team accepted the condition, but their Mk.II at that time wasn’t rigged for an all-out brawl and so, the team set out to build the third generation Mk MegaBot, the Mk.III Eagle Prime, which the team took to Kickstarter to pull in funds for the build.

The crowdfunding campaign was a success and Mk.III was born. Fast forward to today, the fight between the two countries’ mechs is over, but who actually won? I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. However, on September 30, MegaBots posted on Facebook with a message that they are back from the duel and “still alive.” So, maybe they won? Or was it a draw? Really, nobody outside of the circle really knows. The only way to find out is to watch the entire proceeding captured live and here’s how you can do so: tune in to Twitch on October 17 at 7PM PST.

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Obviously, do not expect a Transformers kind of adrenaline-rushing battle because these mechs are based on real world hydraulic systems which means they are a tad better than sluggish (to put it nicely, really). That being said, one probably can expect a proceeding that involved repeated slow throwing punches until one is damaged so bad that it can’t move anymore. No kicking though, because they have no legs. If you are expecting adrenalin pumping actions, you are probably better off watching Robot Wars. Anywho, before the big event is revealed to the world, here’s the teaser from Team USA’s MegaBots:

Image edited by Mikeshouts.

via Digital Trends.