U.S. MegaBot versus Japan Kuratas Mech Finally Happening

After a two-year delay, the world’s very first mech battle is finally happening. The original plan for a showdown between U.S. MegaBots and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry big-ass mech, Kuratas in 2015 had reportedly fell through due to “venue problems.” Two years on, it looks like the duel is going to happen, but this time, the location will not be disclosed to avoid any chance of the event being soured again, or so we read. For the uninitiated, Kuratas is the first MechWarrior-like robotic suit designed and built by Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

The news about this sci-fi fans wet dream surfaced sometime in 2012 and it was reportedly sold for a million Yen back in 2015. Sometime around 2015, a team of U.S. engineers known as MegaBots also developed its own gigantic robotic suit that bears an uncanny resemblance to the manned mechanical suit from the game MechWarrior (except that it isn’t biped).

Anyways, to cut long story short, the team over at MegaBots thought it will be interesting to see whose Mech is stronger and proceeds to issue an intent for showdown with its Japanese counterpart. The offer was accepted, but despite the anticipation, the event never realized. Well, that’s until now when MegaBots posted a confirmation video (which you can find embedded after the post), declaring that it will actually happen sometime in August 2017. So, are you ready for the world’s mech battle? If so, do let us know who are rooting.

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Image edited by Mikeshouts.

via The Verge.