Colin Fuze: This Book Isn’t Safe! by Colin Furze

As it turns out, mad garage inventor and famed YouTuber, Brit Colin Furze is equally at home with wrenches and blow torch as with writing a book. Wait, what?! Book? Yes. You heard that right. The man who pretty much owns the garage has written a book and as one may have guessed, it is all about making stuff at your own backyard. But you won’t be doing extreme builds like he did; instead this 192-page hardcover book, aptly entitled Colin Fuze: This Book Isn’t Safe! (Puffin, ISBN-13 978-0141386959), aims to inspire young folks to be creative and make things.

Though the book is authored by the man known best for awesome, but sometime totally crazy (read: unsafe) inventions, rest assure that the book, which contains a total of 10 inventions, isn’t as scary as the book title says it is. In fact, the ten inventions included are totally safe and can be pulled off right at your home’s garage or backyard with basic tool kit. Unfortunately, we do no have the previews of the book. However, if you are confident enough this book will inspire your kids, then you may want to consider picking up a copy from Amazon UK for £14.99 a pop (about US$19).

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Image: Puffin.