Here’s How You Can Buy America’s First Real-life Mech, MegaBots

Remember the real-life Robotech, MegaBots? You know, the 15-ton, 2-story tall beast that won the world’s first mech robot battle two years ago? Well, we have sad news for you. The company behind it has ran out of money to keep this world’s first giant mech and have to let it go.

U.S. Versus Japan Mech Robot Battle Is Over And This Is How To Watch It

Yup. Apparently, the much anticipated world’s first mech robot battle has happened. It was conducted in private, without spectators, due to safety concerns, at an abandoned steel warehouse in Japan. When the challenged was issued by the American’s MegaBots team, the Japanese’s Kurata built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry has all but one condition: the battle […]

U.S. Versus Japan World’s First Mech Robot Battle Is Finally Happening!

After a two-year delay, the world’s very first mech battle is finally happening. The original plan for a showdown between U.S. MegaBots and Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry big-ass mech, Kuratas in 2015 had reportedly fell through due to “venue problems.” Two years on, it looks like the duel is going to happen, but this time, […]

Americans Built Big-ass Robot, Challenges Japan’s Kuratas to a Giant Robot Showdown

Behold! The age of Robotech is upon us and the epic battle between manned giant mechanical robots may happen as soon as in a year’s time. How so? Because now the world has not only one, but two functional Mechwarrior crossed Gundam crossed Pacific Rim big-ass robots. The first, as you may have heard, is […]

Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Mech Suit Becomes A Reality, Sold For A Million Or Did It Really?

If you recall, some years ago we did featured a MechWarrior-like suit made by Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Well, we have good and bad news for you. First, the good news: it was apparently on sale on Amazon Japan and the bad news, it is already listed as “currently out of stock”. Seriously, we […]