Volvo V70 Transformed Into A Street-going Tank

One Person Took “Volvos Are Built Like A Tank” A Little Too Literally

You know how people used to say old Volvos are built like tanks? The saying was probably stem from the marque’s proven track record of survivability in accidents – thanks to the company relentless pursuit of safety since the 70s. My dad used to own a Volvo 200 series that hailed from the 1980s and boy, were the doors thick like a tank’s armor (figuratively speaking, that is) and while thankfully, we did not met with any accident, I can only imagine the ultra thick door probably would have stood up to most impacts. Anyways, as it turns out, someone may have took the aforementioned saying a little too literal by turning his (or was it her?) V70 into a road-going tank, or at least, one that bears an uncanny resemblance to a tank.

Volvo V70 Transformed Into A Street-going Tank

This slightly out-of-this-realm customization is the first of such we have seen and I am not going to lie, I am both bewildered and impressed at the same time. What used to be a regular V70 station wagon now has the full-fledged look of a tank. It has all the works that makes it a ‘tank’, including additional panels up front and on the sides that presumably represents the armor of a tank (complete with slatted vents! Holy shit!), fake road wheels stuck to the sides to recreate the tank track set, anti-riot mesh grill on the third-row side windows and in the cleverest mod ever, the owner has its roof box converted to look like a turret, complete with a PVC pipe as the main armament of Volvo V70 ‘tank’ (and looks like it had a ‘gun stay’ too!).

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Rounding up the mod is a camouflage paint job of brown and green. Unlike most mods, what this owner did was without a doubt detrimental to the car’s performance, but really, who cares when it’d blow its competitions away?

P.S. I think a muzzle could lend the ‘main gun’ added authenticity. Just saying…

Image: Reddit.

H/T: Carscoops.