DEFCON x VANS Syndicate Camouflage Sneakers

can’t get enough of camo gears? awesome. then here something coming your way from VANS Syndicate’s unofficial company DEFCON that would probably put a smile on your face. as the name implies, DEFCON is all about military-inspired design and therefore, as you might have expected, camouflage look would be in the order

Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones

while man icons such as camouflage does not readily connects with headphones, it doesn’t make the Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones any less man-desirable. basically what happens here is, Scosche decided to take their popular RH656N reference grade audio cans and give it a splash of digital

Cogburn CB4 Realtree Camo Hunting Bike

ever wonder why whenever you reach a hunting ground and finds nothing there to hunt? our guess is your ATV, jeep or whatever powered-ride, is making too much ding and emits so much smog that those animals can’t help but to notice. the solution? the Cogburn CB4 Realtree Camo Hunting Bike, a purpose-built bicycle

BAE Systems Adaptiv – invisibility cloak for vehicles

we have been waiting for years for invisibility cloak to become a reality and that yearning has finally see some lights. Swedish defense equipment firm, BAE Systems has successfully tested its invisibility cloak technology known as Adaptiv that allows a vehicle to blend with its surrounding.