Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Dual-screen OLED Laptop: Naturally, Dual-screen

Having a multi-monitor setup proposed by Mobile Pixels is cool and all but what if you want that same setup to go wherever you go? Well, that my friends, Lenovo has the solution and it ain’t no concept. Unveiled at CES last week is a pretty revolutionary laptop called Lenovo Yoga Book 9i.

HTC VIVE XR Elite Is A Cross Reality Headset For Gaming, Entertainment, And Productivity

The age of pure VR is over. Extended or Cross Reality (XR) is the future. I know. This is given that VR has not seen widespread adoptions like, say, the PC. VR, IMHO, is more in the league of consoles. You know. Where only those who are into it will want one. Anyways, as far …

Garmin Dash Cam Live Always-connected LTE Dash Cam Launched

Be in the know if your car is a target of theft while also recording your journey when driving with the Garmin Dash Cam Live. The Garmin Dash Cam Live is a premium always-on, always-connected LTE dash cam with built-in GPS that, with a subscription plan, lets you access the on-demand view of everything within …

SwitchBot Matter Hub Will Let You Control SwitchBot Products Through Apple Home

If the different smart home standards have stopped you from adopting smart home technologies, then you will be glad there is Matter. Why Matter matters? Well, it is the latest wireless interoperability standard that unifies the smart home and should make using smart home standards from different brands possible (learn more HERE). If you have …

Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope Makes Stargazing From Light Polluted Cities Possible

I am mystified by the universe and the stars above us. Unfortunately, light pollution limits what we and our telescope can observe even in a clear, cloudless night sky. And that, my friends, is a problem telescope Unistellar has solved with its newest smart telescope, the Unistellar eQuinox 2.

All Razer Products Announced At The Recent CES 2023

In addition to the haptic speaker head cushion, Project Carol, Razer also firmed up the release date of the Razer Edge and Razer Edge 5G handhelds and also revealed a bunch of products, including a new desktop soundbar, a couple of Blade laptops, a new webcam, and an accessory for Meta Quest 2 VR headset.