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UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack

need to stay off-the-grid for an extended period of time, like say, for about a week? in this case you can either lug along dozens of portable battery chargers to keep your portable devices juiced, or you could go with the UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack which promised to deliver at least one week of charge even to the most power-hungry smartphones. the device consists of two parts: the fuel cell and a replaceable fuel cartridge, combined into a sleek, stick-like portable package that will keep your USB-powered devices such as eReaders, tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras, topped up without the need for power outlets. the selling point here really is the promised of extended period of time, which is needless to say a dream come true for serious gadget users and the best part is, of course the non-reliance of wall outlet; keeping this portable power pack top up will be as easy as replacing its fuel cartridge. Continue reading UPP Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack

MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers

mobile gaming using touchscreen is not exactly the most ideal mode of control and that’s not mention how gaming tends to drain precious juice from your communication device. the solution? the MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers which comprises of two models: the MOGA Hero Power and the MOGA Pro Power. these new iterations of the game controller now comes with MOGA Boost Technology that charges your smartphone while you are gaming away, thereby enabling longer sessions of gaming, or at least, leaving you some juice for doing something else like making calls, texting and such. generally, the two models, MOGA Hero Power and MOGA Pro Power are pretty much the same except for the inbuilt rechargeable battery capacity difference and the physical size of the controller. Continue reading MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers

iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

we were surprised that Apple has gone to length to introduce fingerprint security feature and not the current hyped wireless charging. if we were to choose between those two features, we’d go for wireless charging as a more ‘practical approach’. i mean, i have never, in my smartphone using career thus far, thought keying a few numbers is a hassle at all. fortunately, you can now equip your latest iPhone 5s, or any iOS device with Lightning connector, with wireless charging capability without bulking up the device and the accessory to do just that would be the iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone. i am sure most of you have read about third-party wireless charging accessories for iPhone, but the iQi Mobile stands out as one that is ridiculously thin, at 0.5mm to be specific, and plugs directly to your device’s Lightning port. Continue reading iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger

when you are traveling or at work, pulling out a cable and adapter to charge your Android smartphone can be quite a hassle and that’s not to mention the act of charging often means you will have leave your phone on the floor and opens the smartphone to the risk of being stepped on. doesn’t seem like the ideal scenario, does it? this is where the JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger by Arriba Design aims to help. billed as the world’s smallest Android charger, it measures just 2.5 x 1 x 0.9 inches (63.5 x 25.4 x 22.9mm) and features a micro USB connector, concealed by a flip-top cover, to dock your Android smartphone for charging. the connector is design to be angled so that it can fully support your device when dock. Continue reading JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Power Pack

and we thought hydrogen-based portable charging device has dropped off the chart. well, apparently it hasn’t. the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Power Pack is just one of them and it is one handy off-the-grid power supply for those who prefer not to put their mobile devices to the risk of fire, or extreme heat. power is generated by the way of mixing hydrogen from the rechargeable cells with oxygen from the atmosphere, without producing harmful emissions or byproducts like a gas-powered generator does and you don’t need to be at the mercy of the sun, like solar chargers do. you won’t even have hazardous batteries to dispose and also, you won’t be sucking on earth’s natural resources like fossil fuel. the juice generated can be used to charge an iPhone via USB port up to six times per hydrogen cell. Continue reading Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Power Pack

Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station

if not for the presence of orange hue on this MultiDock USB charging station, you might think it is an Apple product. leveraging on former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer’s expertise, Griffin sets out to completely rethink the MultiDock that was first introduced in 2011 and the result is this eye-pleasing, Apple-ish device that we could only described as a huge leap in industrial design standpoint. designed to charge up to 10 iOS or Android devices, the new MultiDock boasts Griffin’s exclusive ChargeSensor technology which automatically adapts on the fly to the charging characteristics of each connected device and supplies the charging rate each device needs for fastest, most complete charging. there’s also a Quick Charge Mode, automatically activated upon connection to Apple small devices equipped with Lightning connector, to charge the newer Apple devices at the fastest possible rate, even while syncing. Continue reading Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub

planning to stay off the grid for a while? then we suggest you check out this handsome little outdoor gadget called the Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub by Goal Zero. yes. it is a lantern and yes, it is a pretty good looking one. apart from the obvious like providing up to 48 hours of 250 lumen of lighting when fully charged, this nifty outdoor gadget also doubles as a portable charger for your mobile devices such as media players, smartphones, GPS gear, e-readers and tablets, which makes it an indispensable gear when you are heading out into the wild for a period of time. and when the juice ran out, an integrated hand crank allows you to recharge it while out in the field, or if you happen to have the Goal Zero’s solar panels in tow, you could use those to charge it up too. Continue reading Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub

CherryCharger Wireless Induction Charger

no. that’s not a modified Mac mini, though it does have an uncanny resemblance to the Apple’s mini desktop computer. it is the CherryCharger wireless induction charger from the same dude who brought to you the weighty ConcreteCharger and this one is for the wood lovers. crafted out of old reclaimed black cherry planks sourced just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the CherryCharger features the same technology like its concrete counterpart, but now with a soft top made out of wool felt instead of the cork top. sandwiched between the beautiful black cherry base and the wool felt top is a cool polycarbonate “light blade” that’s design to emit light indicating the charging status. the example you see here is a single device charger and it also uses the widely adopted Qi wireless standard, which means any devices equipped with the same wireless charging standard such as the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920, or devices fitted with Qi wireless standard cases and dongles, will work with the CherryCharger. Continue reading CherryCharger Wireless Induction Charger

Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

there is wireless induction charger and then there is the Concrete Wireless Induction Charger (officially, Concrete Charger). it may sounds pretty out-of-this-world, but we have already seen concrete-cast speaker and concrete USB flash drive, why not a concrete charging device? as the name implies, this particularly alluring wireless charging contraption is casted from concrete, forming a rounded triangular contemporary art piece that doubles as a wireless induction charger using the Qi wireless standard. though concrete, it is given a soft cork top so that it will be a scratch-free experience for your tech devices and an uber cool acrylic “light blade”, sandwiched between that cork top and the concrete base, keeps you in the know of the charging status. Continue reading Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

Samsung GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit

if you are looking for convenience in charging your S4 without having to deal with cables, Sammy’s GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit might be an accessory of choice (for original accessories obsessed folks). out-of-the-box, the S4 is not wireless charging-ready, so in order to go the wireless charging route, you will need a wireless charging cover and a wireless charging pad. the charging kit uses Qi wireless charging standard as certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), so if you already have a Qi-certified charger, you can just get the back cover for $39.99. if not, you will have grab the charging pad for $49.99 as well. charging time for the kit takes between 3-4 hours and the back cover will inevitably add a slight bulk to your slim S4, thus limiting the possibility of using it with protective cases. Continue reading Samsung GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit