Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station for EVs

Xos Trucks (formerly Thor Trucks), maker of electric armored trucks and electric semi-trucks, recently launched a new service called Xos Hub. Xos Hub is a mobile charging station for EVs which is essentially a power bank of sort for electric trucks.

Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station for EVs
The inside of the Xos Hub.

Xos Hub is designed as a rapidly deployable battery solution to provide fleets (of trucks) with flexible charging options where there are no fixed charging stations.

The beauty of Xos Hub is, everything is contained within a trailer and it requires no fixed infrastructure to operate. Even better, it can integrate seamlessly into existing electrical infrastructure without the need for permits or construction, Xos said.

Xos Hub Mobile Charging Station for EVs
Xos Hub is capable of charging five trucks simultaneously.

Each charging unit can charge five trucks simultaneously with its internal battery power, or it can leverage power from the grid or other source. Moreover, each Xos Hub is outfitted with a solar array on the roof to contribute to the electric power.

Xos Hub is Xos Trucks’ new business division, Xos Energy Solutions (XES) that provides charging infrastructure and serves to help businesses adopt electric fleets where fixed infrastructures aren’t already in place. In other words, it is meant to be a temporary solution.

Image: Xos Trucks.