In The Next 100 Years, MINI Will Be A Semi-Autonomous Shared Car

You have seen BMW Vision Next 100 and more recently, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100. Now meet the MINI Vision Next 100 – the last of the three BMW Group’s marque (excluding Motorrad). If you don’t already know, MINI Vision Next 100, like the other two Vision Next 100 Concepts, is a look into what lies […]

Renault Gave Twingo A Boost With 110 BHP, Aptly Calls It ‘GT’

Some car enthusiasts will tell you that a ‘real’ car is one that’s rear-engined, rear-wheel driven and on stick shift. Now, with such strict prerequisites, you’d be hard pressed to find a ride that fits the bill and yet not break your bank. Well, that’s not entirely true if you are in Europe, where for […]

MINI Seven Special Edition: The Humble Austin Seven Remembered

When it comes to special edition automobile, MINI is second to none and just when you thought the German automaker-owned, British marque has run out of ideas for special edition, it dishes out yet another and this time, it pays tribute the original Austin Seven of 50s and 60s. Aptly dubbed MINI Seven, it is […]

Shell Unveils Super Energy Efficient Concept Car That Runs On Bespoke Oil

While the world is embracing electric vehicles, the oil industry is surely not thrill about it. The once important fuel of life is facing the threat of being relegated to as a secondary source. The panic alarm must have already sounded in the oil industry, but for oil giant Shell Oil Company, it is not […]

Man Turns 1st Generation Smart ForTwo Into A Capable Off-Road Coupe

So you think Smart Fortwo is for wuss? Well, it might be true as it is a city car after all, but when Ukrainian Gerogiy Kosilov sat in one, he thought otherwise. A train of thoughts went through Gerogiy, otherwise known as Mr. George, and the light bulb flicks on. To George that particular ForTwo’s […]

Good News! MINI Is Getting Scissor Doors As An Option! Or Is It Really?

Given that this press release was sent out on the March 31, 2016, it is not surprising to know that the MINI scissor doors option is an April Fools’ Day joke. Come on, folks, isn’t it a little too obvious? Scissor doors on a MINI? Really? On the second thought, maybe some may have been […]

Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype Is The Sportiest Civic Ever

Finally, March arrives and so has the Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype which we had a sneak peek sometime in mid February and it looks pretty awesome and surprisingly, sporty. Like, really, really sporty. Even Honda can’t help but to claim that this would-be 10th generation Civic is the sportiest Civic ever. It has a […]

Volkswagen Up The Audio Ante of Up! With 300 Watts BeatsAudio

How do you sell a car that isn’t made for speed? Style, of course, and in the case of Volkswagen Up! for the year 2016, audio prowess is one way to go. The German automaker has joined hands with audio industry biggie, BeatsAudio to put iconic Beats sound into this tiny hatch. What? Up’s too […]

The Force Of Star Wars Has Reached Fiat, Turning A 500e Into A Stormtrooper’s Ride

The Force of Star Wars is one not to belittled. Running up to the release of the Episode 7 next month, Disney has reached out to every corner possible to drum up the excitement. We do not know if Disney has any form influence outside of this planet, but we sure know it has dug […]

Subaru Introduces Impreza 5-Door Concept and 364HP WRX STI S207

Subaru just hit us up with an Impreza news. It is showing of the possible new look of next generation Impreza in the form of the Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept. We are not sure if this is study or it is more or less confirmed. We sure hope it is the former, because the look […]