Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek Into Darkness Laptop

fact: the Acer Aspire R7 is dangerously at the edge of being outdated barely a few months out. truth: we don’t really care cos’ the Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek Into Darkness Laptop looks freaking awesome. only 25 of the latter was rolled out, non-publicly, by the Taiwanese computer maker and now, one lucky person in the

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid Ultrabook

docking and undocking the display to turn your laptop into a tablet and vice versa may not be exactly the best option. you know how it is like. what if somewhere along the way you need the keyboard, but it was undocked and left at home or office? not good at all. which is why Sony thinks a slider (Sony is calling it “Surf Slider”) may be the way to go.

Sony VAIO Pro 11/13 Ultrabook

the new Sony VAIO Pro 11/13 Ultrabook may not be the thinnest, but they are sure the lightest in the market. sporting a uni-direction carbon fiber construction, the touch-enabled VAIO Pro 11 and touch-enabled VAIO Pro 13 tipped the scale at just 0.870 kg (1.92 pounds) and 1.060 kg (2.34 pounds), respectively (btw, they are lighter than the

Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC

it looks like the 4th generation Intel Core processors are sweeping into the market at a pretty quick pace and among them, is this beautiful AIO from Toshiba, dubbed the Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC. described by the Japanese maker as a “powerful entertainment hub”, the PX35t is a sleek machine that

ASUS VivoPC Home Theater PC

along with the pretty VivoMouse, the Taiwanese computer maker also announced the ASUS VivoPC Home Theater PC, a smallish desktop computer that can also double as a Home Theater PC. the VivoPC is just 56mm tall and has a footprint smaller than that of an A4-size paper, and shares the same spun metal finish as the VivoMouse.

ASUS VivoMouse Wireless TouchPad Mouse

running on Windows 8, but lack of a touchscreen to fully optimized the the latest Windows OS’s multitouch gestures functionality? no worries at all cos’ ASUS has just the answer for that: the ASUS VivoMouse Wireless TouchPad Mouse. aesthetically, this 3-in-1 input device looks suspiciously like the remote from the comedy