This Custom Toaster PC Is Not Toast, It Is Freaking Cool!

Toast is tasty, but in modern slang, ‘toast’ also means something being destroyed, like an electronic equipment got fried. Well, that’s what we know, but this custom PC is anything but toast. What you see here is a Toaster PC, created by one imgur user xXNokkenXx, that is literally a toaster. Though it does not […]

Believe It Or Not, This 1:1 Scale Iron Man Is A Custom PC Case Mod

With so many talented PC modders around, there is certainly no “the best PC mod” but there is surely the biggest when it comes to scale. Now, you must be thinking, ‘what’s there to be scale when it comes to PC mod?’ Well, that my friend is exactly what this Life-size Iron Man Mk 45 […]

This Maingear 1ofONE Build Has Fizzling Cooling Fluid That Looks Like Coca-Cola Flowing Through It

Do you know that soft drink giant Coca-Cola is involved in eSports? Yeah. They are and TBH, I have no idea at all. But now I do because of this awesome Maingear x Coke eSports 1ofONE Coca-Cola Gaming PC. Yup. It is a Coke-branded PC, alright, but do not mistaken it as just a regular […]

BBS Wheel PC Case Is The Ultimate Computer For A Car Guy And A Geek

This is probably going to be the shortest post we have ever made to date because of the lack of information. Despite so, we are too thrilled by this Custom BBS Wheel PC Case, reportedly made by German high performance automobile wheel design and manufacturer, BBS. Nothing is known about what’s under the hood, or […]

This Insanely Detailed, Ginormous Jedi Star Destroyer Is Actually A PC Case

We thought we have seen some pretty wild custom PC cases, but obviously we were wrong; we have seen nothing yet. If there’s anything this world lacks, talented PC modders with the knack for creating incredible cases are not one of them and the Venator Class Star Destroyer custom PC case you see here is […]

This Hulking LEGO Aircraft Carrier Is Actually A Personal Computer

We have seen quite a number of pretty outrageous PC case mods, but this one coming from Vietnam computer shop An Phát Computer, is a class of its own. And yes. It is a freaking aircraft carrier made out of some 900 pieces of individual LEGO bricks that measures a grand 1.1 meter (3.6 feet) […]

Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer

if you have a Victorian era kind of interior decor, you have to agree that no modern gadgets are going fit it, much less a PC. well, that won’t be case if you do yourself a favor and grab this 14 grand custom Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer off from eBay – but do heed that the $14k here is just the starting bid.

The Bolt Custom Computer

if you think serious computing, be it insane gaming or pure computing, is a manly kind of thing, then we thought this custom personal computer from The Black Wheel Company might tickles your fancy. dubbed The Bolt (not to be confused with the cute animated dog), this PC has a chassis fashioned out from a vintage U.S. military ammunition box that despite its size, packs in…

Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC

still hanging on to PC gaming despite the lure by equally capable console system? we admire you dedication and for that perseverance, we ought to introduce you to the newest gaming rig on the block: the Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC. the Bolt is the slimmest gaming rig Digital Storm to date and it measures just 3.6-inch wide (9.1 cm – now eat this, Alienware X51) and…

Custom Atari 2600 PC by Hard Drives Northwest

Atari was to console gaming like Commodore 64 was to personal computer – in the 80s, that is. 30 years on, computing and graphics power have improved immensely and it seems like our quest for a pixel-perfect world has no room for the once glorious pixelated past. regardless, some…